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Super Human
Super Human is Quasiviri's third album and third of an ideal trilogy dedicated to the makind and the self discovery, a Bildungsroman set to music, like a twisted Divine Comedy, starting from Paradise, passing trough Hell, finishing into Purgatory. As if Devo were playing prog as Sleepytime Gorilla Museum could do, in their third album Quasiviri renew the polyhedral formula, schizoid and personal, making it even more solid and cohesive.


Calomito, Cheval De Frise, Cods, Crap, Double Nelson, Jealousy Party, Mondongo, Nicola Ratti, Pin Pin Sugar, Quasiviri, Rosolina Mar, R.U.N.I., Trio Carpets

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on tour

15 Oct 16 - Quasiviri - Bolzano (BZ) - Sudwerk
28 Oct 16 - Quasiviri - Mezzago (MB) - Bloom
24 Nov 16 - Quasiviri - Roma (RM) - Fanfulla
27 Nov 16 - Quasiviri - Pescara (PE) - Scumm

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