Calomito Lineup:
Filippo Cantarella - violin, viola
Nando Magni - trombone
Nicola Magri - drums
Marco Ravera - el. guitar, synth
Tommaso Rolando - contrabass, el. bass, synth, trumpet


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Italy / Megaplomb

Calomito are a six-piece Italian band who bring a high degree of eclecticism to an overall avant-prog sound, which is made clear even with the instrumentation: in addition to the usual rock accoutrements, one hears a Fender Rhodes, soprano sax, and violins/violas. The influences of RIO greats like Zappa, Henry Cow, and their countrymen Stormy Six are clear, yet they also infuse their music with flavors from the Middle East, and even some klezmer at times, thus bringing a world/folk aspect into an avant-jazz basis - and of course, a bit of humor sprinkled in every now and then.

live shows

Nessun concerto segnalato


Milk In My Cup
2004 Arci Liguria
Calomito InauditoCalomito

2005 Megaplomb
Calomito Cane di schienaCalomito
Cane di schiena

2011 Megaplomb/AltrOck
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