Vincent Beysselance - drums
Thomas Bonvalet - classic guitar

Frenetic Records

Scheda Tecnica
Foto (col. 300dpi)

Cheval De Frise

France / Ruminance

Instrumental duo, acoustic guitar and drums, born in Bordeaux in november 1998, Cheval De Frise music join power and emotion, melodic complexity and effectivenes.
Cheval De Frise thus impose its language, which one will be able to connect with post-rock, with an ambitious will of going beyond which make their music so unique. Intersections, juxtapositions, superpositions: Cheval De Frise advance with the logic of ivy on wood or the stone. You can find connections with Gastr del Sol, Don Caballero, Ruins...
Megaplomb managed their italian gigs in the last years and will release a brand new track from them on Duo compilation.
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