Mondongo Transparent Skin
Band: Mondongo
Title: Transparent Skin
Catalog: MPL010
Released: February 25th 2011
Format: CD
Packaging: jewel box
Tracks: 8
Running time: 55'39"

2: Splurge to Purge
3: Mantra
4: Our Connection
5: Chynx'n Pooh Renewed
7: Strange Daze
8: Unconcurred

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Transparent Skin

CD MPL010 2011

Mondongo is a traditional soup from South America made with tripe, root vegetables, and pork hocks. The music on this album is also a mixture of hearty ingredients. It is a modern blend of jazz framed by elaborate melodies that play between the instruments in a baroque style. The rhythm is often quite agressive, with bass and drums pumping a sort of hip hop-funk/alt rock groove. There are also dashes of more open improvisation that allow the music to breath before once again re-establishing its assertive force. The music is a launching pad for the saxophone, which is featured twice in the roster, and the compositions themselves pay homage to John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, and Steve Coleman.

Mondongo is the Italian quartet of Canadian drummer André Michel Arraiz-Rivas, who composed all the music on this album. Andre also plays in the epic-prog trio Quasiviri and cooperates with Bruno Dorella's Ronin and Satan Is My Brother. For Mondongo André chose to rely on the support of some of the most interesting names of Italian jazz today: Piero Bittolo Bon on alto sax, Francesco Bigoni on tenor sax and Giacomo Papetti on electric bass.


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