Nicola Ratti

Nicola Ratti

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Nicola Ratti

Italy / Megaplomb

Nicola Ratti was born in 1978 in Milan, Italy. He started playing guitar at the age of 14 and played in the band Pin Pin Sugar, a math-jazz-rock trio until the band split up in early 2005.
Pin Pin Sugar have a great album on Megaplomb and Bar la Muerte, released in 2003. They have successfully toured through Italy, France, and Slovenia.
Nicola began his solo career in 2002 with a self-released untitled CD that showcased his ability to create tiny miniatures using guitar, voice, random objects, and electronics.
“One Day With My Fishing Umbrella”, a 10” vinyl, was released in September 2004 in a limited edition of 300 hard-packaged copies. This long and beautiful EP was produced in collaboration with friends Giuseppe Ielasi and Jacopo Andreini, both well known and appreciated italian improvisers.
His first CD album "Prontuario per giovani foglie" was released by Megaplomb in April, 2006, considered among the best Italian debut albums in 2006.
Now Nicola is playing in the Bellows with Giuseppe Ielasi and is collaborating with the morriconish all star band Ronin.

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Nicola Ratti
2003 cdr
Pin Pin Sugar Pin Pin Sugar
Latex Duellos

2003 Megaplomb / Bar La Muerte
Fadiiing Echoes
2005 Afe Records
Nicola Ratti
One Day With My Fishing Umbrella
2005 10"
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