Pin Pin Sugar

Nicola Ratti - guitar
Chet Martino - bass
Franz Scardamaglia - drums
Jacopo Andreini - sax

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Pin Pin Sugar

Italy / Megaplomb

A post logical melange, a jazzy-chipped art-core, crooked beats, stop & go's studded with free-noise and electronics... And the final dish has a different taste from its ingredients. Born in late 1997, in Milano (Italy), Pin Pin Sugar immediately dedicate themselves to an impure and incoherent jazzcore. Exasperation of jazz patterns, sonic saturations, musical divertissements, chipped phrasings, odd beats, symmetries and asymmetries, sharp corners, oblique lines and hypnotic spirals. Pin Pin Sugar's music hits on the head and doesn't allow drops in attention. Their live set is an absurdity show, crowded by cool/kitch presences, where their music finds its real habitat and ideal condition. They released a miniCD (PPS36EP) in 1999 and a new short CD (MIGE) in september 2000. They played lots of gigs across Italy, also playing with Flying Luttenbachers during their last Italian tour. They recorded a version of Minutemen's "God Bows To Math" featuring Giuseppe Ielasi, for a tribute compilation, a remix of R.U.N.I.'s "Il Techosiciliano" released in La Zuccha Polmonate... and Latex Duellos has been released by Bar La Muerte and Megaplomb.

"La pił travolgente, morbosa, anarcoide ventata rock di questo inizio di 2003!" (Il Mucchio Selvaggio)

"Jazzcore disincantato, postrock in opposition, qualche richiamo a geometrie crimsoniane e tanta energia positiva" (Rockerilla)

"An album that makes you want to scream in pure pleasure!" (All Music Guide)


La Zuccha Polmonate
2002 Wallace Records
Pin Pin Sugar
Latex Duellos

2003 Megaplomb / Bar La Muerte
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