Quasiviri Lineup:
Roberto Rizzo - synth
Chet Martino - eight string bass
André Arraiz-Rivas - drums


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Wallace - To Lose La Track - Megaplomb - Bloody Sound Fucktory - HysM? - FalloDischi - Morte Records

Two parts Italian, one part Canadian: Quasiviri are a trio that formed in 2006 in Milan, Italy, comprised of Chet Martino (Ronin, Pin Pin Sugar) on eight string bass, Roberto Rizzo (R.U.N.I.) on a micro korg synth and André Arraiz-Rivas (Mondongo, Satan Is My Brother) on drums. Their music uses a mixture of math-metal and robotic calypsokraut combined with anthemic vocals.
Chet played for ten years in the folk-soundtrack band Ronin (led by Bruno Dorella, “Lemming” 2007 Ghost Records, “Vogliamo anche le rose” 2008 Warner/Rhino, “L’Ultimo Re” 2009 Ghost Records, “Fenice” 2012 Santeria), and was also part of the math-rock project Pin Pin Sugar (“Latex Duellos” 2003 Bar La Muerte/Megaplomb).
Roberto has played for the last fifteen years in the freak-rock band R.U.N.I. (“Il Cucchiaio Infernale” 2001 Wallace, “Ipercapnia in Capannone K” 2003 Wallace, “Fula Fula Fular” 2008 Wallace/Megaplomb, “RRRRUUUUNNNNIIII” 2010 Wallace/Bar La Muerte/Megaplomb).
André, before moving to Milan, was a part of the contemporary jazz scene in Toronto. Apart from leading his own quintet, he was part of the Breaking Sounds project led by Robert Piilonen. In Italy he played with Satan Is My Brother (“A Forest Dark” 2011 Boring Machines) and actually plays with his quartet Mondongo with Piero Bittolo Bon, Francesco Bigoni and Giacomo Papetti (“Transparent Skin” 2010 Megaplomb).
Chet and André also performed live with Nicola Ratti (folk, electro-acoustics) and have contributed to his album “Ode”, released by the Australian label Preservation.
Quasiviri debut album “The Mutant Affair” released in 2009 by Wallace Records and Megaplomb, was recorded at Specktrum Studio in Zeccone (PV) and mastered bt Giuseppe Ielasi in Milan.
Subsequent “Freak of Nature” came out in April 2012 with the label To Lose La Track joining Wallace Records and Megaplomb.
"Super Human" comes out on February 2014 for Wallace Records, To Lose La Track, Bloody Sound Fucktory, HysM?, FalloDischi, Morte Records.

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The Mutant AffairQuasiviri
The Mutant Affair

2009 Wallace Records/Megaplomb
Freak of NatureQuasiviri
Freak of Nature

2012 Wallace Records/To Lose La Track/Megaplomb
Super HumanQuasiviri
Super Human

2014 Wallace Records/To Lose La Track/Megaplomb/Bloody Sound Fucktory/HysM?/FalloDischi/Morte Records
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