Quasiviri Super Human
Band: Quasiviri
Title: Super Human
Catalog: MPL013
Released: February 2014
Format: CD
Packaging: Digipack
Tracks: 11
Running time: 55'00"
Distribution Italy: Audioglobe
Distribution Belgium: Mandai
Distribution Czech Republic: Minority
Distribution USA: Stickfigure

1: Sound Is Now!
3: No One To Blame
4: Thoughts Vs. Feelings
5: Gravidance
6: Seasons Of Love
7: Super Human
8: Sweet Deconstruction
9: Smudge Life
10: These Wining Dogs
11: Final Prayer

Press release
Cover (300dpi)


Super Human

CD MPL013 2014

"Super Human" is Quasiviri's third album and third of an ideal trilogy dedicated to the makind and the self discovery, a Bildungsroman set to music, like a twisted Divine Comedy, starting from Paradise, passing trough Hell, finishing into Purgatory. As if Devo were playing prog as Sleepytime Gorilla Museum could do, in this last recording Quasiviri renew the polyhedral formula, schizoid and personal, making it even more solid and cohesive.
As Andrè - author of all lyrics - says, "Super Human is an ode to the human condition. It also incites fellow humans to recognize this condition in the hopes that this awareness will be bring a greater sense of peace and fulfilment. Songs like No One to Blame, Sweet Deconstruction and Smudge Life celebrate the contradictory nature of our existence, where as The Perennial Pose, Thoughts Vs Feelings, and Sound Is Now! give a sense of revelation, of unmasking, and of surrender. Ultimately, it is the idea of ourselves, our Super Human act, that makes us who we are"
The album sees the collaboration of Nicola Ratti (already with Chet in Ronin and Pin Pin Sugar, today a leading name in the international experimental electronic scene) on the guitar in the song Seasons of Love.
It was recorded and mixed by Roberto Rizzo, Fabio Intraina and Mauro Maccarini atTrai Studio and mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà.

Coreleased with Wallace Records, To Lose La Track, Bloody Sound Fucktory, HysM?, FalloDischi, Morte Records.
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