Quasiviri The Mutant Affair
Band: Quasiviri
Title: The Mutant Affair
Catalog: MPL007
Released: June 2009
Format: CD
Packaging: silk screened jewel box
Tracks: 8
Running time: 50'50"
Distribution Italy: Audioglobe
Distribution Belgium: Mandai
Distribution Czech Republic: Minority
Distribution USA: Stickfigure

1: Italia Forza
4: The Roots Of Mount Flea Anus
5: Thanks For Giving
6: Parto Lombardo
7: L'Ultima Foresta Pluviale
8: Paradisco Inferno

Press release
Cover (300dpi)


The Mutant Affair

CD MPL007 2009

Coreleased by Wallace Records and Megaplomb in June 2009, here's the space anthems album made by the epic trio, featuring members from R.U.N.I., Ronin, Pin Pin Sugar e Mondongo, playing synth, 8 string bass, drums and big vocals. The material on "The Mutant Affair", Quasiviri's first album, was recorded at Specktrum Studios in Zeccone, near Pavia, and was mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi in Milan.


Blow Up: A creature made of flesh and plastic, an android with the face of Gary Numan and the body of Lemmy rocking hard glorifying the cult of the machine. (Massimiliano Busti)

Il Mucchio: The impossible meeting between Eurofestival and math-rock, impress and convince. One of the most fun records this year. (Alessandro Besselva Averame)

Rumore: The synth of Pere Ubu, the acceleration of the futurists Brainiac or Six Finger Satellite, the absurd prog punk geometry of Cardiacs. (Andrea Prevignano)

Sodapop: The most worthy representatives of a music that is halfway between Pacman, the prog with some sense of irony, a rock son of Trans Am, German music and punk. (Andrea Ferraris)

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