Rosolina Mar

Bruno Vanessi - chitarra
Enrico Zambon - chitarra
Andrea Belfi - batteria


Rosolina Mar

Italy / Megaplomb - Wallace - Robotradio

The Rosolina Mar project began in 2000, with the meeting of Marco De Togni(guitar), Bruno Vanessi (guitar), Enrico Zambon (guitar), and Andrea Belfi (drums). All of these musicians had previously played in punk/hc/noise bands. During the first months their music was characterized by long improvised sections, based on post-rock, classic rock, and avant rock, inspired by Loren Mazzacane Connors, S.Augustin and them other avant-rock music passions. A few months later the band was forced to continue as a trio without De Togni, searching for a personal identity that create a connection between the sixties and modern rock'n'roll.
"Rosolina Mar" is a sea side place in the north-east of Italy, where from autumn to spring everything appears as an element of a Federico Fellini's movie.

live shows

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Po box 52.1
2003 Wallace Records
Rosolina Mar
Rosolina Mar
2004 Wallace Records
Rosolina Mar
Before and After Dinner

2006 Megaplomb / Wallace / Robotradio
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